Arunodaya Home for the Aged

Arunodya–the home for the aged is dedicating its services to those forgotten elders who because of some one become a neglected part of the society. These elders we often call them "Old people" are from all walks of life who are spinsters, child widows, destitute, single people and issueless elderly couple and generally people with no support system.

As a small drop in the ocean Arunodya–the home for the aged wants to give this 35 Senior citizens if not a very luxurious life, at least a reasonably comfortable life spending their last days in dignity and honor.

Facilities @ our Home

Bio Toilets

  • composting toilets use nature's decomposition process to reduce waste by 90% and converting it into nutrient rich compost


  • 24 hour hot water and electricity through solar pannels

Organic Food

  • Vegetables & Fruits grown in own premises

Legal Services @ Our Home

"Access to Justice" for all is the motto of the Legal Services Authorities. It aims to strengthen the legitimate place of senior citizens in the society and to provide:

  • free and competent legal services to the senior citizens at their doorstep
  • provide care and protection to the vulnerable elderly people
  • encourage families to take care of their older family members
  • create awareness regarding elderly persons to help them lead productive and independent lives


  • Regular Health Care by a panel of doctors from different specialities
  • Spiritual, mental and physical activities for senior citizens
  • Beautiful garden, recreation and library

Address: #9-35, Arunodaya Sevashram in Nagaiahgaripalli, Chandragiri Mandal, Chittoor District.
Ph:+91 97047 97796, +91 98485 39767