Family Counseling Centre

Seva has been running a Family Counseling Centre in Venkatagiri, Nellore District to provide counseling to victims as well as accused persons in cases of dowry and non-dowry tortures to restore their conjugal lives. The Family Counseling Centre handles a wide variety of cases including marital maladjustment, desertion, and dowry harassment. Public grievances related to the above mentioned issues are regularly heard and followed up. As far as possible, the voluntary team is drawn from within the community so that they are conversant with the value systems of the society. Aid is provided to victims in a variety of ways including proactive and reactive home visits, meetings with both the parties – the oppressor and the oppressed – intervention of community elders and leaders, and interaction with police machinery. The primary attempts of these exercises are to effect reconciliation and to prevent further violence. Legal action is the last step and used only if all other techniques fail to cause any positive results.

Seva also conducts counseling camps on family welfare in villages of Chittoor and Nellore Districts to provide counseling to victims within marriage. Mrs. Lakshmi Jahnavi and Mrs. Latha, Counselors of the program, along with other women organizations and educated women from various social and economic backgrounds address on different family-related problems. Women belonging to the police department, medical department, legal department, and educational sector are invited as chief guests for the camps, who provide their valuable suggestions to the audience.

Address: 6-419, NTR Colony, Venkatagiri, Nellore District. Ph: +91 98485 39767.